Pacemaker Evaluation

Pacemaker Evaluation

About Pacemakers
There are two general types of pacemakers in current use – single-chamber pacemakers which sense and pace the ventricles of the heart, and dual-chamber pacemakers which sense and pace both the atria and the ventricles. These differences require different monitoring patterns over the expected life of the units involved. Many dual-chamber units may be programmed to pace only the ventricles; this may be done either at the time the pacemaker is implanted or at some time afterward. In such cases, a dual-chamber unit, when programmed or reprogrammed for ventricular pacing, should be treated as a single-chamber pacemaker in applying screening guidelines.

To receive the maximum benefit from your pacemaker, you will need to have regular follow-up to ensure that it is working properly. Regional Cardiology Consultants are here to help insure that your pacemaker is working properly.

Pacemaker Evaluation
The first device evaluation will occur about 4 months after implantation. A letter will be mailed to you to remind you to schedule this appointment. You will need to provide the staff with a list of your current medications, so please bring a copy with you to every visit.

During your first office evaluation, we will perform a device evaluation called an “interrogation.” This device interrogation will assess if the pacemaker lead wires going into the heart are functioning normally, that the battery level is okay, and will assess if there have been any abnormal heart rhythms detected by the pacemaker. Our doctors will review all the test results with you during your visit and answer any questions you have relating to your pacemaker. After this first pacemaker evaluation, subsequent intensive in-office pacemaker evaluations occur about every 6-12 months.

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