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Led by Dr. Jeffrey Weisman, top-rated Regional Cardiology Consultants provides exceptional cardiac care.

We specialize in same-day Urgent Cardiac Care for non-life-threatening conditions where you will be cared for by our team of cardiac specialists, and receive access to our state-of-the-art diagnostic testing.

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Regional Cardiology Consultants has offices conveniently located throughout the greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas to better serve you. We’re here to help. Call us at 215-464-2200 or click here to book an appointment online now.

Each of our office locations have been accredited by the IAC for comprehensive cardiac diagnostic testing, allowing you to receive university-level cardiac testing in our offices.

Dr. Weisman has been providing cardiovascular services to patients since 1980. Dr. Weisman is a proud member of the Penn Cardiology Specialty Network, the #1 heart program in the region.

Get the Cardiac Care You Need...and Deserve

Regional Cardiology Consultants offers our patients a wide variety of benefits and services.


Cardiac Consultation

This process allows patients to discuss their cardiac problems, current complaints, understand the risks, and to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.



Telecardiology has been widely used in the diagnosis of arrhythmias and for the management of patients with chronic cardiovascular conditions.



Echocardiography (often called “echo” for short) is an ultrasound that takes moving pictures of the heart using sound waves.


Stress Echo

This noninvasive test involves special heart stimulating meds to evaluate the strength of the heart muscle as it pumps blood throughout the body. 


Nuclear Stress Tests

This test measures blood flow while you are at rest and are exerting yourself, showing areas with poor blood flow or damage in your heart.


Carotid & Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound

These noninvasive procedures assess the blood flow in arteries and veins. 


Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry

Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry includes a small sensor and monitor that patients can wear during their daily activities.


Pacemaker Evaluation

To receive the maximum benefit from your pacemaker, you will need to have regular follow-ups to ensure that it is working properly.


Cardiac MRI

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a painless test that uses magnets and radio waves to create a detailed picture of your heart in your body.


The best care is on your side

Same Day Scheduling

With cardiac care, time is of the essence. We make it a priority to accommodate same day scheduling when possible.

Rapid Reporting

We provide timely results of your cardiovascular evaluation in order to improve clinical outcomes.

Superior Care

As part of the Penn Medicine Cardiology Network, you are assured of receiving unparalleled care and service.

Insurance Ease

Regional Cardiology Consultants accepts all forms of health insurance including medical assistance.

Our Patients Say It Best...

"It's wonderful getting this quality of care right in my neighborhood. Usually you can only get access to this level of service and doctors at big university hospitals."
Vadim S.
"I can't begin to say enough about the wonderful level of care my husband received from the staff at Regional Cardiology Consultants. We will always be grateful."
Melissa F.

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