Cardiology Consultation and Outpatient Services in Langhorne, PA

The cardiac team at Regional Cardiology Consultants provides quality, comprehensive, and compassionate medical services to residents throughout the entire Philadelphia area and surrounding areas.

Penn Heart & Vascular Center is proud to collaborate with our member facilities and permit clinicians there to easily connect with Penn Cardiology specialists for accurate diagnosis and helpful treatment. Furthermore, patients are also provided with a streamlined way of accessing these experts if specialized care is necessary.

At RCC, our mission is to ensure you receive a comprehensive cardiovascular evaluation as quickly and accurately as possible. We understand that time can be the difference between life or death in these situations – so why wait? Our board-certified cardiologists are available throughout Langhorne and its surrounding areas for your convenience, providing same-day scheduling along with rapid reporting of results in order to maximize clinical outcomes.

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Cardiology Services in Langhorne, PA

Regional Cardiology Consultants provides a variety of services and benefits to our patients. In addition, we provide comprehensive cardiology care for Internal Medicine and primary care doctors in PA and NJ.

Some of our outpatient services in Langhorne include:

Pre-Operative Cardiac Clearance in Langhorne, PA

As operations become more complex, both in the outpatient and inpatient settings, there is a heightened risk of perioperative cardiac incidents. Regional Cardiology Consultants’ experienced team focuses on delivering the accurate and timely pre-op clearance that patients require.

Some of our cardiac clearance services in Langhorne include:

  • Pre-op Consult by Board Certified Cardiologist
  • EKG
  • Cardiac Stress Testing
  • CT Angiography of the Coronary Arteries
  • Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry for Arrhythmia detection
  • Peripheral Vascular Studies

Regional Cardiology Consultants’ Cardiac Clearance ensures that your schedule is always aligned with the plan. Our specialists are available to clear patients for surgery at our sites, or even in their doctor’s office – eliminating any need to travel around Langhorne prior to their operation. This convenience saves you both time and energy!

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